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"Wonder Time Arts " is our class-world and Cafe. It is filled with all things wonderful....artists, creativity, self-expression, Visual Thinking, nature, beauty, learning, music, dancing, exploring, poetry, history, storytelling, puppetry, reading, writing, journal keeping, engineering, Lego building, daily sketching, day-dreaming, and much more.  We are all about community, friendship and of course- nature and art.

Where is our ARt Queen?

She Moved to Lavender Hill!

Latest News

Nature of Line

Kindergarteners experience straight and curved lines through movement, dance and painting with water. 


             I am a line

       Balancing between

           Earth and sky

      I am tall and striagt

      I am one brushstroke

        The picture is not


        Without me. 

Drawing Fun Challenge Gradient Scale

Again? Why do we have to? I have heard this question so many times when I ask my young artists to create gradient scales. Learning to see the light and dark transitions in nature and in artworks makes us more sensitive as artists. Being able to control value in our work will make it be more realistic. So yes, let's do this....AGAIN!

Contrast Creates POP!

Nature is our best teacher when it comes to understanding contrast in color. Warm colors pop out and cool colors sink in. Try it in you art and take inspiration from nature.

Texture: It makes you just want to touch!

How do we make art that just makes our fingers reach out and touch it? Tk's can show you how they did it in creating "Dandelions!" If you blow on a dandelion you might get your wish. What do you think this Alpaca is wishing for?

Want to create a landscape like the ones pictured here on  Lavender Hill or maybe a seascape?  Grab the brushes and the paint!

How well do you know the elements of art?

The History of Pop Art in NYC Make Your Own Pop ARt

We made new friends! Hello to Debra and her volunteers: Aubree the graphic design star, Noah the graffiti guru and the rest of the group from Math Magic Academy. We are glad you found our art inspirational and helpful.

They have been busy working with Pop ARt and sent us this link above. They really liked making their own pop art portraits, Thanks, friend! We look forward to seeing your art too!  



 Meet Master Artists

The Monarch Project

Be Inspired and become an Advocate for Art

10 Lessons the Arts Teach
Elliott Eisner
10 Lessons the Arts Teach (3).pdf
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10  Lessons

Learning Arts

Learning Arts in a Visual Age
As Seen on the NAEA Website
Learning in a Visual Age (2016).pdf
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Visual Thinking Strategies (n.d.). Retrieved July 15, 2016, from http://www.visiblethinkingpz.org/

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Using our Art to Save the City's Water Tower

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