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Welcome to Wonder Time Arts Where Art and Nature Meets

Our Mission

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"Wonder Time Arts " is our class-world andCafe. It is filled with all things wonderful....artists, creativity, self-expression, Visual Thinking, nature, beauty, learning, music, dancing, exploring, poetry, history, storytelling, puppetry, reading, writing, journal keeping, engineering, Lego building, daily sketching, day-dreaming, and much more.  We are all about community, friendship and of course- nature and art.

Teaching Your Kids That Silence Is Golden


Some days you just crave quiet. Your soul is yearning for calm and you're thirsty for an environment with no chaos, no upheaval and no loud noises

......Go for walks with your kids in nature and allow them to experience the beauty and wonder of solitude where you focus on the songs of the birds overhead and the crunching of grasses and twigs under foot.



How well do you know the elements of art?

Poetry of Teaching Art

The Poetry of Teaching Art

May 3, 2017
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 Meet Master Artists

Be Inspired and become an Advocate for Art

10 Lessons the Arts Teach
Elliott Eisner
10 Lessons the Arts Teach (3).pdf
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10  Lessons

Learning Arts

Learning Arts in a Visual Age
As Seen on the NAEA Website
Learning in a Visual Age (2016).pdf
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Visual Thinking Strategies (n.d.). Retrieved July 15, 2016, from http://www.visiblethinkingpz.org/

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