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Welcome to Mrs. Schellenberg's Class

Welcome to Wonder Time Arts; Where Art and Nature Meets

"Wonder Time Arts " is our class-world and Cafe. It is filled with all things wonderful....artists, creativity, self-expression, Visual Thinking, nature, beauty, learning, music, dancing, exploring, poetry, history, storytelling, puppetry, reading, writing, journal keeping, engineering, Lego building, daily sketching, day-dreaming, and much more.  We are all about community, friendship and of course- nature and art.

We might be at home...but we still can create! Let's Make ARt, let's make something beautiful! Remember no matter where you are, at school or at home, you are a masterpiece. 

Apples & Art

In this kindergarten-second grade lesson students learn about the history of apples in art  and then create a still-life of three apples. There is even yummy apple recipes to try! Students just need crayons and paper. Water color is optional!



Matisse's Goldfish

In this kindergarten-second grade lesson students learn about the artist Henry Matisse, and how he created art in different ways. Students create a still-life with a goldfish bowl, and maybe even include his cat! Supplies needed: crayons and paper. Water colors and gold fish crackers are optional!

Sunflowers & van Gogh

In this kindergarten-second grade lesson students learn about the artist Vincent van Gogh. they view his sunflower still-lifes and create their own. Supplies needed: crayons and paper. Water color and sunflower seeds are optional!

The Kennedy Center's Art Edge has wonderful art activities every day for you to enjoy. Explore Visual Art, Theater, Dance, Music, and Media Arts

When Pigs Fly

When Mermaids Sing

Artists are Using their Imagination!

And Dragons Take Wing

Latest News of ART to DO

Nature of Line


Draw and paint lines and create wonderful line drawings even using numbers

Simple as 1,2,and 3! Then enjoy some great art videos.



             I am a line

       Balancing between

           Earth and sky

      I am tall and striagt

      I am one brushstroke

        The picture is not


        Without me. 

 Let's Draw a Daffodil

Daffodils are one of the first flowers of spring to bloom. When we see them we also begin to see new life all around us like little lambs, chicks, and calves. It is as if the daffodils are trumpeting, "It is SPRING!"  And listen to the story read aloud, "That's not a Daffodil." Oh! One more thing, enjoy the poem written by my famous cousin from long ago,  William Wordsworth Longfellow

Let's Create with Nature 

It is my favorite season of the year, SPRING!  So let's create art with nature!

WE can be inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and Sally Smith

Let's create a Landscape

A Landscape is a picture of the land. Turn your paper in landscape position, meaning horizontal and start. You can use pencils, crayons, oil pastels, pens, markers or water color. What ever you have will do.Perhaps you will be inspired to write a poem. 

Listen to some stories inspired by some favorite landscape paintings. 

Lets draw a Pet Portrait, Like Blue Dog by George Rodrigue

Dogs have been our pets, our helpers, our friends so why not make a pet portrait? Lot's of artists have made portraits of their pets. We can look at some famous dogs (even from the Roman Times) and then make one of our own.  Then we can listen to some dog stories and songs.

Let's Draw a Cat Portrait

Many famous artists drew portraits of their cats. We can look at some of their cat art and make our own, sure to be the Cat's Pajama's "Meow!"


This image was creted in the style of Gustav Klimt, by 

by sunshinesketches




Media Art

If you want to make art with technology including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, then you might enjoy heading over to scholastics to check out the cool things you can do. I can't wait to see what you using technology can create.

But as always when using technology ask a parent to help you first.  


Fox imageImage by Michaela K from Pixabay

How well do you know the elements of art?


 Meet Master Artists

The Monarch Project

My Life on Lavender Hill with Friends and Family! Squaw Valley, California

Be Inspired and become an Advocate for Art

10 Lessons the Arts Teach
Elliott Eisner
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10  Lessons

Learning Arts

Learning Arts in a Visual Age
As Seen on the NAEA Website
Learning in a Visual Age (2016).pdf
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Visual Thinking Strategies (n.d.). Retrieved July 15, 2016, from http://www.visiblethinkingpz.org/

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Dove of Peace





Using our Art to Save the City's Water Tower

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