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Paper Patterned Owl Puppet

Kinders create a Paper Puppet Patterned Owl to use for performance of the folllowing rhymes and songs, as well as retelling of "Owl Babies."

View owls in nature, and owl in art

Aryballos owl Louvre: 600 BC Greece




There Was An Owl

There was an owl
who lived in an oak.
The more he heard,
the less he spoke;
the less he spoke,
the more he heard-
We all should be
like that wise old bird.

Split group in half: a blue side and an orange side  to read poem. Then everyone reads the brown part.

The Owl

There's a wide-eyed owl
(forefingers and thumbs around eyes)
With a pointed nose,

(forefinger and thumb to make a point)
He has pointed ears

(clenched hands, forefingers up for ears)
And talons for toes:
(make hands into claws)
He sits in a tree
And looks at you;

(circles around eyes again)
Then flaps his wings and says,
(hands to chest and flap elbows)
"Tu-whit, tu-whoo!"
(hands cup mouth to hoot)


This poem can be done with my turn your turn to teach it and then once memorized  students can recite it using their own owl puppets



Mr. Owl

I saw an owl up in a tree,
I looked at him, he looked at me;
I couldn't tell you of his size,
For all I saw were two big eyes;
As soon as I could, I made a dash
Straight home I ran, quick as a flash!

~Edna Hamilton

This one is great to do as a play with 2 characters.


1 Recognize and describe simple patterns found in the environment and works of art.


1.3 Identify the elements of art (line, color, shape/form, texture, value, space) in the environment and in works of art, emphasizing line, color, and shape/form.

2.1 Use lines, shapes/forms, and colors to make patterns


3.3 Look at and discuss works of art from a variety of times and places.

Compare and contrast  the 600 BC Aryballos Owl to the real owls in the oak. 

Identify Line, shape color and pattern Where will you put patterns on your owl?

4.3 Discuss how and why they made a specific work of art


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Artful Teaching

Mrs. Schellenberg & Young Artists

Ralph Waldo Emerson's  Poem:             Success-     to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know  even one life breathed easier because of you.

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Thank you AT&T

We used the wiring for our artful galimotos

Duncan Ceramics, Thank you! With your help and friends of the Fresno Art Museum 's  support, every child created a tie-dyed T Shirt. You made our world brighter!

Fresno County Office of Education, we thank You for the opportunity to create with clay!

Thank you Mr. Bullwinkle and Fresno County Office of Education for awarding us with a grant to purchase a kiln and clay supplies. We are so happy and grateful!

Love Mrs. Schellenberg & Young Imagineers

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