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Mother Goose Goes Steampunk

 Kinetic Art is art created to move. The motion  in the artwork may be caused by a viewer, wind currents, water flow or by mechanical means.


  The first kinetic sculpture was created in 1913. The artist was Marcel Duchamp. He mounted a spinning bicycle wheel onto a stool. Viewers made his wheel turn. He continued to experiment with motion using pulleys and motors



Fourth Graders created a kinetic sculpture illustrating a Mother Goose rhyme from found objects.  They show cased them at the Fresno County's Art Summit, 2014

We are here to share the rhymes

Of a Goose who’s traveled through time

Are we from the past?

Or are we from the future?

What we are is Steam Punk

Because we like adventure!

We are artists, sculptors, inventors

But, most of all, we are thinkers!

Hope our works sets imagination alight

Give art to your kids

And let them fly

                                  ~C Schellenberg

Start with Simple Machines

What if Jack and Jill used a simple machine to get their pail of water? Or mother goose used a propeller to help her fly?

Learn about Artists who were Scientists

Now the Kinetic Part Add+-Electricity

So What Will You Make?

Imagine it

Sketch it

Research how to do it

Gather Materials

Give it a Try- build it

Revise, Edit  make changes, or start over

Finish it and

Share it with the world!


But what if in the future we had to go back to using inventions developed in the Industrial Revolution?

Am I talking Fiction? Yes a kind of Science Fiction called "Steampunk!"

Æther Feature – An Ode to Steampunk



Steampunk is an inspired movement of creativity and imagination. With a backdrop of either Victorian England or America’s Wild West at hand, modern technologies are re-imagined and realized as elaborate works of art, fashion, and mechanics. If Jules Verne or H.G. Wells were writing their science fiction today, it would be considered “steampunk.”  

From the website of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences




All that is Left is for You to Tell Your Tale

Nuts & Bolts for Making Sculptures

1 sheet of plywood cut into 32 squares 12" X 12"

1,1/2  X 1, 1/2" posts bolted to the center of each square to give stability.

Found Objects: leaky watering cans, broken shovels, rakes, sprinklers, and various cans and bottles. We used all kinds of lids, ping pong balls and golf balls. We got very lucky in that I found battery operated novelty fans at Dollar Tree. The motors for the most part worked to spin whatever part they wanted to spin. For the exceptions we used hobby motors, battery holders and improvised wiring with alligator clips. My husband did the spray painting as that it is not safe for kids to do

The fourth graders were responsible enough to learn how to use the hot glue gun, wire cutters, pliers, hammers, screw drivers and the staple gun. A few projects due to their weight needed extra drilling and bolting; Mr. Schellenberg lovingly did that for us too.

The students learned about electrical circuits, (highways for electrons.)  They created technical drawings of the battery, motor, wire, and switch in open and closed positions. They then drew the circuit  labeling all those parts through which the electrons would flow. They drew the part of their sculpture they wanted to spin; for Old Mother Hubbard it was her bone in the cupboard, for Pussy Cat, it was her tail! Then we put in the batteries, and watched our sculptures come to life!

Teacher Tip- Have kids sign bases with sharpie. Have them collect from presorted bens all of their found objects and place them into plastic bags that can be labeled and tied.


When cutting and bending wire students must be able to turn a complete circle with arms extended and not  touch anyone before working.


Have four to six hot glue gun stations so  lines don’t get too  long.

Okay….here is the final word… Art teachers really are all that, we can take chaos and give birth to stars. Make messes and shine!

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Artful Teaching

Mrs. Schellenberg & Young Artists

Ralph Waldo Emerson's  Poem:             Success-     to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know  even one life breathed easier because of you.

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Thank you AT&T

We used the wiring for our artful galimotos

Duncan Ceramics, Thank you! With your help and friends of the Fresno Art Museum 's  support, every child created a tie-dyed T Shirt. You made our world brighter!

Fresno County Office of Education, we thank You for the opportunity to create with clay!

Thank you Mr. Bullwinkle and Fresno County Office of Education for awarding us with a grant to purchase a kiln and clay supplies. We are so happy and grateful!

Love Mrs. Schellenberg & Young Imagineers

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