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Early Artists of the West took great risks to capture the scenic wonder.

Using James Palmersheim's silver creek's November II as a starting point, students will create their own landscape paintings. Students will learn various techniques to create an effective foreground, middle ground, and background. Students will also learn how to portray the illusions of depth and reflection in a painting.

Artists' paintings of California show us its history, and how it has changed over time.

How do artists render the foreground, middle ground, and background when painting a landscape?

Essential Questions: How does knowing the contexts histories and traditions of art forms help us create our art? Why do artists follow or break from established traditions?

Valley of Yosemite

Albert Bierstadt (January 7, 1830-February 18, 1902) was a German American painter best known for his large landscapes of the American West. Bierstadt joined several journeys of the Western Expansion to see these majestic places.

His paintings are detailed with romantic glowing lighting sometimes called luminism.

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Claifornia

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Use foreground, middle ground, and background techniques.
  • Learn to emphasize reflection in water bodies, such as a creek.
  • Learn to paint a landscape.
  • Learn various painting techniques.


California Visual Art Standards

2.1 Use shading (value) to transform a two-dimensional shape into what appears to be a three-dimensional form (e.g., circle to sphere).

2.7 Use contrast (light and dark) expressively in an original work of art.

2.8 Use complementary colors in an original composition to show contrast and emphasis.

Role and Development of the Visual Arts
  • 3.1 Describe how art plays a role in reflecting life (e.g., in photography, quilts, architecture).
Diversity of the Visual Arts
  • 3.2 Identify and discuss the content of works of art in the past and present, focusing on the different cultures that have contributed to California's history and art heritage.
Careers and Career-Related Skills
  • 5.4 Read biographies and stories about artists and summarize the readings in short reports, telling how the artists mirrored or affected their time period or culture.


I Can Use Research to Help My Writing
 I can conduct short research projects to help me learn about topics. 

 I can research and use what I have experienced to gather information. W.4.8
 I can take notes to help me organize the research in my writing. W.4.8
 I can provide a list of sources that I used for gathering information. W.4.8
 I can gather evidence from all my reading of words or text to support my writing

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