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Imagine a  Miro

This Lesson is based on NGA's Touch Drawing

Make a drawing of something that you cannot see!


You will need: Two large paper bags (a grocery bag will do)


Colored pencils, crayons, or markers


This art experience showed be done with a partner


Each artist should secretly choose an object—a stuffed animal, toy, —and place it in a paper bag so that the other person cannot see it. (Don’t choose an object with sharp edges or anything dangerous.)


Taking turns: Let your partner reach in and explore the object in your bag. Then, use your hands to explore the object in the other bag.


Remember: use your hands and imagination, not your eyes.


Be sure to feel the entire object— front and back, top and bottom, side to side.


Think about the size and shape of the object.


Describe the textures of the object: Is it smooth, bumpy, soft, rough, hard, feathery, or a combination of textures?


Imagine what this object might be.


Next, without looking in the bags, each person should draw what he or she felt.

Draw without stopping .


Then choose certain areas to color in solid.


Now you can take the object our of the bag!  Did you guess it?




How did this process make you feel?

Was it difficult to draw something without being able to see it?

Where in your drawing were you best able to show part of the object?

Did this experience help you think about the object differently? 



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