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Working with found objects, pages from old books, and dime-store trinkets, self-taught artist Joseph Cornell transformed everyday materials into extraordinary universes.




Inspired by Joseph Cornell


  Space Object Box: "Little Bear, etc." motif, mid-1950s–early 1960s. Box construction, 11 × 17 1/2 × 5 1/4 inches (28 × 44.5 × 13.3 cm). Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, 68.1878. Art © The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY. Photo: David Heald

After his first exposure to Surrealist collage in 1931, Joseph Cornell began to work in that format, eventually extending it into three-dimensional box structures. Unlike many European Surrealists, however, he was less interested in disturbing the viewer than in evoking enchanted worlds past and yet to come. Cornell incorporated printed images and found objects into his boxes, which were often conceived in series. Space Object Box: “Little Bear, etc.” motif is part of the Winter Night Skies series, which includes fragments of celestial maps of the northern sky. Jennifer Blessing


Mexican Artist, Jesus Sosa Calvo, hand carves and hand paints these works of visual pleasures. These works are examples of Mexican folk art.  Jesus Sosa Calvo carves and  paints  each of his pieces by hand. They are shrines to imagination and color. They are  wonderful examples of folk art.

 (Archive). Also see Jesus Sosa Calvo's Facebook page



 Site about today’s modern Box Artist, Gina Binkley

art director designer

"In my process it's really easy for things to get cluttered because there is so much going on in the boxes," she says. "As an art director I learned you have to keep your main focal point simple and graphic."

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Small Wonders: Poem Box

Research/ Pre Writing / Creating Lists

1) List I: As you visit the websites, record what you see and what you like. Notice the composition of the piece and the mood it evokes or the story it tells.  Note how individual objects may be metaphors. How do individual pieces relate or add to the meaning of the whole. (Remember to cite your source.)

2) List II: Create a second list from list one and add your ideas as well as any other memories, themes, time periods, or places you might want to explore for your art.

3) Review your list and choose the subject for your poem box.

4) List III (Last list!) Make a list of items you will need to complete your poem box.

5) Divide an 81/2” X11” sheet of paper into fourths. Create four thumbnail sketches of how you could create your poem box. What will be your emphasis/focal point, and how will you arrange your items to create a pleasing balance? What mood or era of time are you trying to evoke? Does the objects you chose, accomplish your goals and create an overall feeling of harmony?

6) What do you want the outside of your box to look like? On the other side of the paper, sketch out those ideas as well. Do you want the outside to contrast or compliment the inside? Maybe you want the outside of the box to foreshadow what is to come inside the box, or just give the viewer a clue.

7) Here is a tip; when designing your sketches, start with the inside of the box and work your way to the outside.

8) What poem or words do you want to include in your work? Will you write include words, poems, your own poem?

Dear Fourth Graders,

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Favor de traer una caja de zaptos para la clase de arte, esta semana que viene.                   

Love, Mrs. Schellenberg

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