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Cloud Chasers

Lying on our backs with Goldi in the grass

We watch the clouds sail by


With our artist’s eyes we play “I spy”

And with the wind................. we fly.



Easy 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough

Recipe from Happy Hooligans

"2 Ingredient Cloud-Dough: the ultimate sensory dough!  Cloud dough requires only 2 common household ingredients, and it’s ready in minutes. It smells heavenly, and it’s a delight to run your fingers through!"

In the art room I'm all about homemade sensory play for my little wee bears.  I’ve seen cloud dough on many sites but the happy hooligans is always reliable. And my wee bears don't ever want to stop and put it away!

Add one cup of baby oil to 8 cups of flour.  Stir well.  I used a pastry cutter to mix mine, but a spoon or whisk would be fine.

Transfer your dough to a bin or basin  and it’s perfect for sensory activities and that’s it.  You’re done!

Set out some containers, scoops and molds and let the little ones at it.

Clouds           Great poem to act out!


If I had a spoon

As tall as the skyI'd dish out the clouds

That go slip sliding by

Id take them right in

And give them to cook

And see if they tasted

As good as they looked

Dorothy Aldis


Wind                      This would be great to add musical tones!

The wind has lots of noises

it sniffs,

it puffs,

it whines,

it rumbles like an ocean through junipers and pine; 

it whispers in the windows

it howls,

it sings,

it hums,

it tells you VERY


every time it 




Aileen Fisher



Couds           Great Poem to sing or dancel


White sheep, white sheep,

On a blue hill

When the wind stops

You all stand still.


When the wind blows

You walk way slow

White sheep, white sheep, 

Where do  you go?


Christine G. Rossetti





Delicious Cloud



This is for the teachers: It's my new hobby collecting clouds!

Read this First!




This is such a delightful experience. The older I grow the more precious becomes the moment.  I suggest you  follow the timing of the children and read "It looked like Spilt Milk" first just so they'd know what it  means by "reading a cloud." invite your wee bears to  use their artist eyes to look at the clouds so they could sculpt and paint one of their own. I suggest you make the cloud dough right in front of them with their wee help. It makes math, reading, and magic occur right in front of them. 

The Standards

RF.K.1 I can understand how books are meant to be read. RF.K.1A I can read the words in a book in the right order. RF.K.1B I can understand that words I say can be written using letters in a certain order. RF.K.1C I can understand that words have spaces between them. RF.K.2A I can recognize and make rhyming words.



“I Can” Read fiction (Reading – Literature) I can read, understand and tell about fiction. RL.K.1 I can ask and answer questions about important details in stories. RL.K.2 I can retell a story I know using important details from the story. RL.K.3 I can tell the characters, setting and what happens in stories.  I can read, understand and tell about fiction. RL.K.1 I can ask and answer questions about important details in stories. RL.K.2 I can retell a story I know using important details from the story. RL.K.3 I can tell the characters, setting and what happens in stories.RL.K.7 I can tell how the words and pictures go together in stories. RL.K.9 I can tell what is the same and different about the actions of characters in stories I know. RL.K.10 I can be an important part of fiction reading activities in my classroom.


"I Can Read Non Fiction "RI.K.8 I can find the reasons an author gives to make the information more clear. RI.K.9 I can tell how two nonfiction books about the same thing are alike and different. 



I can use research to help my writing. W.K.7 I can help my class learn about a subject and then write about it. W.K.8 I can use what I know and have read about to answer questions.W.K.1 I can draw or write to help me share what I think. W.K.2 I can draw or write to help me explain about a topic. W.K.3 I can draw or write to tell an organized story about something that has happened.


I can share my ideas and what I have learned. SL.K.4 I can use details when I tell about people, places and things. SL.K.5 I can use drawings to help add details to what I share. SL.K.6 I can speak and share my ideas clearly.


K.OA.A.3 I can take apart any number from 1 to 10 to show that I understand that number. (5 = 2 + 3)


Visual ART

C  Create:Engage in selfdirected play with materials.Use a variety of artmaking tools, a. Share materials with others.Share and talk about personal artwork. 

  • 2.3 Experiment with colors through the use of a variety of drawing materials and paints.


A Articulate: 

Identify reasons for saving and displaying obects, artifacts, and artworks.

Identify places where art may be displayed or saved.

Identify where art is displayed both in and outside school.

  • 1.2 Identify colors by name.


F  Finding Connections

  • 3.2 Describe pictorial objects that appear in works of art.



E Engaging with  the Arts

Recognize art in their environment.

Distinguish between images and real objects.

Interpret art by identifying and describing subject matter.

Select a preferred artwork.

Derive Meaning
  • 4.1 Discuss what is seen in works of art.
  • 4.2 Ask questions about works of art.
Make Informed Judgments
  • 4.3 Discuss what they like about their own works of art.
  • 4.4 Select works of art by others and tell what they like about them.
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Artful Teaching

Mrs. Schellenberg & Young Artists

Ralph Waldo Emerson's  Poem:             Success-     to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know  even one life breathed easier because of you.

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Thank you AT&T

We used the wiring for our artful galimotos

Duncan Ceramics, Thank you! With your help and friends of the Fresno Art Museum 's  support, every child created a tie-dyed T Shirt. You made our world brighter!

Fresno County Office of Education, we thank You for the opportunity to create with clay!

Thank you Mr. Bullwinkle and Fresno County Office of Education for awarding us with a grant to purchase a kiln and clay supplies. We are so happy and grateful!

Love Mrs. Schellenberg & Young Imagineers

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