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Art Common to the Core

In Market’, Jeff Wambugu

Meet the Torosians, Farming Family in the Central Valley

Ferry Market

In pairs  or small groups

First View top work of art. Imagine you were in this picture. What do you see? What might you hear? What might you feel? What might you touch.


What do you think is happening here? What is the lady doing? 


May use these frames to talk with partner or group.


"I think that the lady is.................................................................,

            because  I see.................................................................




Write a complete sentence or two about what you think is happening. 

Read your writing to your  partner?

Listen to hear what yourpartner thinks and if your partner share why they think that.

Now view photograph of the Torosians at Farmers market.

What are they doing? What makes you think that?


Let's watch a video about the Ferry Market in Sanfrancisco, where the Torosians take their fruit to sale. 


Now let's look at the painting by Jeff Wamgubu and see if your ideas change or if you notice anything new?  


 If  you were at the market what fruit woul you choose to paint and why?


How does Jeff Wambugu's art help us know about his place and his people?


Students will answer and ask questions to demonstrate understanding of key details in images, 

Let's Investigate!

How do farmers in the "Central Valley," grow our food?

What produce is unique to our valley?


How  did the master artists Jeff Wambugu. Diego Rivera and Vincent Van Gogh portray the farms, farmers, and produce in art?


Students create skits about buying and selling fruit at the farmers' market as a way to learn new vocabulary. They use the vocabulary in context which helps them remember the meaning of the words. They perform  for each other.

Guiding Questions for the script writers and audiance were the following:

·                   What is the main idea of the skit? 

·                   How does the writers, actors support and show  ideas?

·                   What is the skits purpose?

·                   Who is the  intended audience?

·                   What is the feeling between the producers and consumers?

Supports Common Core Anchor Standards










Still Life:Elements and Principles of Design


Performance Tasks


Prompt/Performance Task
In the art work, "In Market," by one of Africa's most celebrated painters, Jeff Wambugu has
wonderfully captured a busy market street scene.

Summarize the main ideas in the art work "In Market." For each main idea, write two key details from the text. Finally, interpret the relationship between the producers and consumers Jeff Wambuga has captured.


Creating Art Work"


Students will create a still life drawing of fruit grown in the Central Valley. 


Continued Work



Students will also use their still life drawing as a spring board for writing exploring plant life cycles, and relationships between farm and community.


The understanding gained from farm and plant research will fuel the creation of the folk tale, or fable.


The art and stories will be exhibited during the week of parent teacher conference.




Farm to


C Create

A  Artistic Process

F Find the


E Engage with Art



The Standards

College and Career Readiness Standards
Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups,and teacher led) with diverse partners on grade 3 topics and texts, building onothers’ ideas and expressing their own clearly.
Determine the main ideas and supporting details of a text read aloud or
information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually,
quantitatively, and orally.

VA Content Standards
Students will be able to perceive and analyze artistic work. Students will be able to develop and refine artistic techniques and work creating a fruit still life for presentation.

Dance: After sequencing the steps students create a dance showing each stage: Seed, Sprout, Flower, & Fruit

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