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Engage in exploration and imaginative play with materials

Students will create an original floral composition using  water color .




4.1 Discuss own works of art, using appropriate art vocabulary (e.g., color, shape/form, texture).

4.2 Describe what is seen (including both literal and expressive content) in selected works of art.

Students will do what good artists do: share their ideas, materials, and art with each other.



Finding Connections

3.3 Look at and discuss works of art from a variety of times and places.

Students will discover the beauty found in the garden. View work by Monet and Warhol




Evaluating    Discuss how and why they made a specific work of art.  4.4 Give reasons why they like a particular work of art they made, using appropriate art vocabulary.


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Into The Lesson

Kindergarteners enter our artist cafe quietly and calmly and sit down on the carpet close to me where we can look at art works, have discussions, and share stories. For this lesson I have two beautiful artworks “Bouquet of Sunflowers,” by Claude Monet and “Flowers,” by Andy Warhol. We then talk about what we see, what we think, and what we wonder. I share the story, “My Little Artist,” by Donna Green. Then we are ready to be artists too.

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Monet,C.(1881).Bouquet of Sunflowers (Painting).Impressionism,The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Warhol,C(19640 Flowers,1 Acrylic,silk screen ink,and pencil on linen 80,The Andy Warhol Museum,Pittsburgh, US

Through The Lesson

 I invite the students to our studio tables to slowly look at and touch the flowers. They select the ones they want to explore and paint. I walk around the tables and ask about their choices. I have students compose their flowers in a beautiful way onto their paper 3 to 5 times. Then I ask them to arrange them one last time to make their best composition. A quick lesson on using liquid watercolor and a brush sets them up to begin painting I continue talking with each group and asking them about what senses they are using, and how does it feel to paint.



Beyond the Lesson


We take a walk about and view each other's work and then re-gather back in front of the pictures on the carpet and ponder 3 questions for closing.

  1. Did artist Monet and Warhol paint the flowers exactly as they found them or did they arrange them?
  2. Why did we paint the flowers?
  3. How are we  like the grandchild in the story?


Repeat the Lesson

The following week artists can view their portfolio and reflect about what they did with their painting .The image affords them the opportunity to recreate or revise their work.   Second time I  read “Little Red Riding Hood, but instead of  picking flowers for  grandma, she paints  them. Just like little Red,  we paint to share with others and bring joy.

Poetry Challange

Students may recite this poem to their kindergarten teacher or me and reccieve a golden ticket!



Mistress Mary

Quite Contrary

How does your

Garden grow?


With Silver bells

And Cockle Shells

And Pretty Maids

All in a row.


~Mother Goose

Artists In School Arranging Flowers.pdf
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Artful Teaching

Mrs. Schellenberg & Young Artists

Ralph Waldo Emerson's  Poem:             Success-     to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know  even one life breathed easier because of you.

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Thank you AT&T

We used the wiring for our artful galimotos

Duncan Ceramics, Thank you! With your help and friends of the Fresno Art Museum 's  support, every child created a tie-dyed T Shirt. You made our world brighter!

Fresno County Office of Education, we thank You for the opportunity to create with clay!

Thank you Mr. Bullwinkle and Fresno County Office of Education for awarding us with a grant to purchase a kiln and clay supplies. We are so happy and grateful!

Love Mrs. Schellenberg & Young Imagineers

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